Saw Palmetto Blossom

In our never-ending quest to find exotic honeys from afar, we take you to the Sunshine State of the eastern seaboard, Florida, where Saw Palmetto (serenoa repens), a low-growing palm plant, is endemic, and its honey plentiful. The berries are used in "natural cures" and thus we have farmers cultivating the plant for its fruit. Honey, of course, is a byproduct of fruit farming, pollination being a prerequisite to fruiting. Saw palmetto honey is amber in color with a tropical musky aroma.

What we find in the Saw Palmetto Blossom mead varietal is a brut dry, light amber, fully effervescent mead with lesser mousse and a light mouthfeel that is well-suited to summer imbibing. There is now a very pretty jasmine aroma coming off this bubbly which blends with subtler toasty and bready notes for a floral  Champagne-like experience. I would pair this with a ripe soft cheese such as those you might find at Tomales Farmstead Creamery.

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