Point Reyes Wildflower 2017 Estate

Heidrun Meadery turned 20 this year and there's no more fitting punctuation on her birthday than the annual release of our estate varietal, the Point Reyes Wildflower. This is the varietal produced from honey harvested from our own hives located right here, amidst our bee forage farmscape, on our farm in Point Reyes Station.  

This is a light-bodied and delicate mead with robust effervescence and a bright straw and emerald hue. The aroma at this young age is herbal and vinous, but not so vinous that you'd forget it is a mead. On the palate it is so clean, and it's acidity so delicate, that one might almost forget what one just had a sip of! For that reason, this varietal should be paired with equally delicate foods like an unembellished fish crudo or pear salad, or better yet, enjoyed on its own. Very limited quantities available. 

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